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Videos: 2017 FMX and Skate World's Firsts
FMX and BMX Semifinalists Set for the Inaugural Games
Tony Hawk Joins Todd Richards and Travis Pastrana to Co-Host the Nitro World Games
First Nitro World Games Competitors Announced
>Scooter & Inline
>The BMX Triple Hit and BMX and Skate Best Tricks Formats Are Intense
>The FMX Formats Will Officially Crown the Best All-Around Athlete
>Increased Progression Comes From Increased Safety
>The Games Are Designed for Bigger World Firsts
>Travis Talks About Making the Impossible Possible
>Mike Porra Talks About Reinventing Action Sports Competition

"Progress is what the Nitro World Games is all about ... we are working hard to take things to another level."

-Travis Pastrana