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Determining the world's best athletes
in FMX, BMX, skate, and scooter.

Nitro World Games brings action sports progression and competition together in a groundbreaking format that includes six separate competitions designed to determine the best and most innovative athletes in the world of FMX, BMX, skate, and scooter.

FMX Best Trick

The stakes have never been higher as each athlete gets two runs to land the single biggest trick in FMX.

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Freestyle Motocross

Eight tricks performed in designated categories during a single run will determine who is truly the best all-around FMX athlete.

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BMX Best Tricks

Each athlete gets five runs on the Giganta ramp, with the victory going to the athlete with the highest overall score.

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BMX Triple Hit

Athletes must execute three tricks in quick succession on the notorious Triganta ramp.

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Skate Best Tricks

Skateboarders are scored on their three best hits out of five on the Giganta ramp.

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Scooter Best Tricks

Competing to become Scooter Champion, each athlete gets three attempts to hit the big ramp and land their best tricks.

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"Progress is what the Nitro World Games is all about ... we are working hard to take things to another level."

-Travis Pastrana