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FMX Best Trick

FMX Best Trick

The stakes have never been higher as each athlete gets two runs to land the single biggest trick in FMX.

The Event

Each athlete will get two attempts to execute the best trick of their choice. Judges will score tricks in real-time based on the overall impression of the trick, which is defined as degree of difficulty, extension, length of hold, landing spot, landing execution, and height. Best of the two scores decides the winner.


The ramp setup will include one landing with four different ramps, each optimized for different types of tricks, such as front flip, double front flip or double backflip combinations. The takeoff and landing ramps will be at least an incredible 50 percent bigger than any ramp setup that has ever been hit before. This will be a one-of-a-kind setup, and again we anticipate that every trick in the finals could easily be a world first.


Last year, each trophy winner landed a huge World First, with Gregg Duffy's double frontflip ultimately taking home the top prize.

"Progress is what the Nitro World Games is all about ... we are working hard to take things to another level."

-Travis Pastrana