The greatest action sports competition of all time came to Salt Lake City and left a sea of broken records and stunned on-lookers in its wake. The complete list of winners is below.

  • @rwillyofficial doing R Willy things. #NitroCircus
  • It always seems like a good idea at the time ... @jedmildon #NitroCircus
  • Combo king @stevemini83 with everything but the kitchen sink. #NitroCircus
  • The Lost Boys. #Neverland #NitroCircus
  • Lazy unicorn. @sheenyfmx #NitroCircus
  • This is why we can't have nice things (for very long). @instacrum #NitroCircus
  • Things got crazy yesterday in Launceston! @adamjones760 @sheenyfmx @toddmeyn #NitroCircus
  • @kurtisdowns bringing moto tricks to BMX! #NitroCircus
  • Show day in Launceston! #NitroCircus
  • Know Your Tricks: Backflip Double Whip @jamesfosterbmx #NitroCircus
  • Launceston, we're coming for ya! #NitroCircus
  • @adamjones760 does it all! Upright Shaolin right into a Shaolin Backflip. #NitroCircus
  • @jaietoohey and @ethenroberts keeping it tight! #NitroCircus
  • Know Your Tricks: Surfer Take-Off To Ruler Flip @jvairx #nitrocircus
  • @mattwhyatt keeping his cool in the esky! #NitroCircus
  • Would you volunteer for this? #NitroCircus
  • Is @rwillyofficial human? Unsure. #NitroCircus
  • @brucecookfmx always steals the spotlight. #NitroCircus
  • Three Aussies spotted in their natural habitat. @stevemini83 @bilkofmx @harrybink #NitroCircus
  • All good days in the land down under! #NitroCircus
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