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Making History

With the Nitro World Games, Nitro Circus Live creator Mike Porra is seeing the realization of an idea he and action sports legend Travis Pastrana have spent years cultivating. They've created a competition to reinvigorate the world of action sports, a one-night televised event where trophies will be awarded in FMX, BMX, skateboard, and scooter during a single three-hour broadcast.

Our Philosophy

Several years ago, Mike and Travis started envisioning a way to bring the core values of Nitro Circus -- entertainment and action sports progression in a serious and safe way -- into a competition format. The mission began with a simple question: How can we use what we've learned to dramatically improve the competition landscape? In the end, answering that question led to a revamp of almost every aspect of competition, including events, formats, ramps, scoring, and qualifying.


In its inaugural year, the Nitro World Games surpassed all expectations for what a truly innovative, exciting, modern-day action sport competition could be.

  • Over 5M watched live in primetime on NBC
  • Over 100M Nitro World Games video views
  • OVER 100 countries worldwide tuned in
  • Over 10M social engagements during the competition.