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Andy Macdonald Has Experience on His Side

Andy Macdonald Has Experience on His Side

We’ve come to a place in skateboarding where the word “veteran” gets tossed around a lot. With Andy Macdonald, it’s a title that isn’t used lightly. He has been skating for over 30 years and has competed and medaled in nearly every single X Games, as well as being a nine-time World Cup Skateboarding Overall Champion. Most people see him as an ambassador to the sport, especially during that scary time in the '90s when skateboarding was a crime and every parent’s nightmare was the thought of their child wasting their life on a skateboard.
We’re happy that the times have changed, and even happier that Andy Mac is still tearing up the ramps at events like the Nitro World Games. Originally from Boston, Macdonald has been skating out of San Diego for the last 25 years. He’s been preparing for NWG by getting as much board time as possible, as well as practicing his straight jumps at his skatercross track in SD. He showed some of those skills at the NWG practice facility, when he rode the BMX Triple Hit setup on his skateboard. Check it out:
Macdonald was at the 2016 Nitro World Games, but this year he’s going to do his best to get there earlier than he was able to last year. "That way I can get some decent practice on the jump before it's go time,” he says. “I've always loved how much you’re able to push yourself when it's contest time.”
As a veteran, he's ready for anything, including the difference in format at the NWG. “It's just one jump. Make or break," he says. "It all happens very quickly, and it’s over before you know it. Other comps are all about developing your line. NWG is all about your one best trick.”
This year, that one best trick might be one that he couldn’t quite nail at NWG 2016. “I'd like to make the nollie inward heelflip varial frontside 180. I came close at last year's comp but didn't get it,” he said. We’re just happy to watch him do what he does best as he attempts to add another podium to his resume.
Check it out June 24 in Salt Lake City, broadcast on NBC, and streaming live at NitroWorldGames.Live.