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Beaver Fleming Doesn't Hold Anything Back

Beaver Fleming Doesn't Hold Anything Back

Sometimes it makes sense to play it safe in a skate big air competition -- after all, you don’t score if you don’t roll away. But for Beaver Fleming, the safe play isn’t what he’s looking for in this year’s Nitro World Games. The Encinitas-based skater was raised on Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, and after watching him compete in Skate Best Tricks, it fully looks like he’s trying to pull off the insane tricks from the classic video game. Yes, landing a trick is important. But playing it safe isn’t how you rack up World’s Firsts and land tricks that push the boundaries of action sports progression. From the sound of it, that’s what we’ll be getting from Fleming at this year’s NWG in Utah.
“Last year, I went for tricks that have never been done before. The contest is about progression, so I wanted to least go in that direction,” he says. “This year I have landed another new trick a few times in practice that I am really pumped on. It’s never been done in competition, so my game plan is to throw that down.” If you’ve caught any of his recent videos, you’ve probably seen what Fleming calls the “Tennessee Tornado,” a frontside cork 720 Christ air, named after a roller coaster in his home state. When you see the trick, the name makes complete sense. Check it out near the end of this highlights video:

Fleming's discipline and precision on the ramps comes from his daily regimen of working out and skating. Not a bad combo. “I do it to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and thankfully I am disciplined enough to want to better myself every day,” he says. “That translates into my competition skating, so it is cool to see that.” His enthusiasm for progressing himself and the sport of skating is mirrored in his excitement for this year’s Nitro World Games, which he calls “the next level of competition.”
“This contest is fully based on progression,” he says. “Most other comps see what you can do in the course with consistency. Nitro World Games is about seeing what’s possible.” This type of “bring it all” attitude is why everyone is stoked to see what Fleming will be throwing down in SLC. No matter what he does on the ramps, you know he’ll be happy doing it. “I think the biggest key to performing the best is focusing on the truth -- that anytime I am on my board it is a blessing,” he says. “That takes the pressure away and keeps a smile on my face.”
You can watch Fleming and all the 2017 competitors bring it at the Nitro World Games, June 24th in Salt Lake City, broadcast live on NBC, and streaming worldwide at NitroWorldGames.Live.