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Chris Farris Is Cool Under Pressure

Chris Farris Is Cool Under Pressure

Raised in the sunny surfer community of California’s San Luis Obispo County, Chris Farris is a born battler who lives for big moments, from bike to skate and now scooter. “I have been competing my whole life," he says. "The first one was scary, I guess, but I always loved that feeling.”
Farris found his groove on the scooter when he entered his first competition at age 13, at his local skate park, A-Town in Atascadero, California. He would become something of a legend there, going on to win the park’s annual SCT Jam three times as he picked up pro sponsors such as District and Eagle Supply. After finishing third at the 2017 Nitro World Games qualifiers, where he dropped nothing less than a World's First double backflip barspin to no-hander on his first run, he’s now primed to ascend to a whole new level of fame in Salt Lake City.

His secret to competition success? Preparation ... when possible. "Practicing for the Nitro Games is a little more difficult, because there really isn't anything around that is as big as the Nitro ramp,” he says. He does have an unexpected technique that might give him an edge, though: “Running up and down stairs is something that can help prepare you, I think,” he says. “And getting my mind to a calm and controlled state.”
The cardio aspect of these sports can't be underestimated -- after all, the ramps are tall and the only way to the top is stairs. If athletes are winded when it's time to drop, that can affect their performance. The ability to quiet his nerves and stay cool under pressure will be a huge factor for Farris, a factor that could propel him to the podium on June 24. The soul of a champion, after all, is not forged from fire but from ice.
Tickets are still on sale for the 2017 Nitro World Games, which will be held on June 24 in Salt Lake City, broadcast on NBC, and streamed live at NitroWorldGames.Live.