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CJ Titus: From Spider-Man Deck to the Big Time

CJ Titus: From Spider-Man Deck to the Big Time

For many, skateboarding is a sport that calls out to you when you're young. Maybe you see some other kids skating and you think, “I want to do that.” And then maybe that call is answered in the form of a Spider-Man skateboard your Aunt Tammy buys you at Walmart. At least that’s what happened when CJ Titus showed an interest in skating when he was only 4 years old. He’s upgraded his deck a bit since then and will be competing in this year’s Skate Best Tricks at the Nitro World Games in Salt Lake City.
Titus started competing at a pretty young age. “The first competition I was in was at my local YMCA skatepark when I was 6 years old,” he says. “I was the youngest one in the contest and remember being super nervous the whole time.” It didn’t take him long to get over his nerves, and he’s since moved on to bigger comps like the Damn Am at Woodward East and -- of course -- the NWG.
Titus says he's looking to bring it harder this year, since he saw everyone throwing down next-level tricks at the last Nitro World Games. We watched him put the prep in at the practice facility in Southern California. Check it out:
“Nitro World Games allows all the riders to skate the ramp months before the contest, which is super cool because it allows us to get our tricks down on a ramp that is similar to the one at the contest,” Titus says. In the meantime, he’s been putting his time on the board at skateparks in his home state of Virginia.
So what are we going to see him try to pull off in SLC? He’s teasing a varial flip indy 360 and a tailgrab 720, for starters. Nice. We’ll be looking forward to it, CJ, as will your Aunt Tammy.
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