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Cody Flom Is Ready for the Spotlight

Cody Flom Is Ready for the Spotlight

When you follow Cody Flom, you don’t just get to see one of the world’s best scooter riders perform astounding feats of aerial wizardry -- you get to be part of the #flomily. The Long Beach, California, teen with a big smile is aces on a scooter, and he's also a burgeoning social media star who treats his frequent YouTube videos as hangout sessions, bringing fans along on his travel adventures and fun with fellow pro scooter pals like Jamie Hull (who also qualified for the 2017 Scooter Best Tricks semifinals) and Jon Marco Gaydos.

Flom topped a big field in scooter qualifying last month, nailing at least two World Firsts in the process, including a frontflip triple whip rewind to kickless double whip and frontflip no-hander to inward. The #flomily could get a lot bigger this month when Flom makes his Nitro World Games semifinals debut in Salt Lake City. After his massive breakout performance at qualifiers, he plans to storm the scooter event with a double frontflip combo “and other tricks that you’ll just have to see,” he says.
Flom loves competing. Most scooter competitions have a format that's more park focused -- calling for athletes to do a series of tricks, where they're judged not only on the quality of their moves but also the creativity and efficiency of the lines they choose. This adds another element: fatigue. "You have to ride for a full minute doing tricks back to back,” Flom says. So that's one way NWG is different. "It eliminates the factor of being tired. Yes, there is a lot of hard work that goes into it, but you are only doing one trick at a time so this makes it a bit easier!”
It’s all relative, of course. Tired or not, there’s nothing easy about hurling yourself off the NWG ramps on a scooter. Preparing for it is a challenge, Flom says. “I don't have access to the ramp as much as I would like, so I try to find different alternatives. Right now the closest thing to the mega-ramp is the SlagerCross course at Clairemont Skatepark in San Diego. Obviously, I can’t train the same tricks there as I plan on doing at NWG, but it does help keep my bones warm.”
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