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Dawid Godziek Doubles Down

Dawid Godziek Doubles Down

It takes a lot to qualify for any BMX competition the size and scale of the Nitro World Games. Dawid Godziek came to California all the way from a small village in Poland to pick up fourth-place at qualifiers for this year’s BMX Best Tricks.

Apparently one event wasn’t enough to justify the trip, though, so he also put in a sixth-place finish in BMX Triple Hit qualifier. Godziek is one of only a handful of athletes competing in more than one event this year, and of that exclusive group he's the only semifinalist who had to make it through two qualifiers. All the other multi-event athletes earned their spots in at least one of their events through invite. This feat alone makes him an athlete to watch this year, but to top it off, the Triple Hit qualifier had the biggest field of all the qualifiers, making it one of the toughest competitions. And then you watch him actually ride:

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Godziek’s two-wheel obsession didn’t start with BMX. His first four years of competition began at age 12 as a freestyle mountain biker, when a long Polish winter came along and made other plans for his career. “I was riding MTB for a few years, but during winter we have just one indoor skatepark, and it was BMX only,” he recalls. That one winter made a 16-year-old Godziek fall in love with smaller bikes, and he’s been tearing up the ramps ever since.
To prep for the NWG BMX events, Godziek has a pretty simple but effective approach: “I'm just riding as much as I can and trying to do big tricks more often,” he says. “Preparation for every competition is the same, but NWG is just big tricks and madness!” He’s hoping to show off some body varial combos in amid all that madness, and one thing is certain: His success so far has proven that he’s brought enough big tricks to be a contender in both events.
If you follow competitions overseas, this comes as no surprise to you. Godziek is widely regarded as one of the top European BMX riders, with podiums in a dozen competitions from New Zealand to Russia. His unprecedented NWG double-qualifier means he has even more of a chance for some podium time here too. It won’t be easy, though. “Irek Rizaev is coming to NWG with me, and he is going to kill it,” he says. Rizaev qualified for Triple Hit. It's called Nitro World Games for a reason, and the lineup this year is the definition of world-class.
Tickets are on sale for the 2017 Nitro World Games, this Saturday, June 24, in Salt Lake City, broadcast on NBC, and streaming live on NitroWorldGames.Live.