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Harry Bink Sets His Sights High

Harry Bink Sets His Sights High

Harry Bink wants to show you something you’ve never seen before. That might sound like a brash statement, but when it's coming from someone like Bink, it's hard not to pay attention. Case in point, he channeled his Aussie energy and nailed a double backflip during a Nitro Circus show in his homeland this year, becoming one of only seven riders to have ever landed a double. Now, with the Nitro World Games coming up, we’re all waiting to see what he’s going to bring to the ramps for his second showing in Utah (tickets are on sale now).
Hailing from the Gold Coast of Australia, Bink has been bringing it on the motorcycle since he set his sights on FMX as a teenager. “When I turned 17, I realized FMX is what I want to do. So I set some goals and made it possible,” he says. It’s only taken him five years to get his tricks up to the level of pros that have been riding for twice as long. The double backflip is a milestone, but his trick arsenal also includes an enormous rock solid backflip and a frontflip no-hander that he can hold for way too long. What he might bring to the competition this year, only he knows, and all he was willing to reveal is: "Bigger and better tricks no one has seen before."
Last year, he was one of only a handful of athletes who competed in multiple events, but he was the only one of that handful who didn't find out until just before showtime. He was slated to compete in FMX Best Trick only but was added to the Freestyle Motocross event at the last minute due to another rider having to drop out. These are two very different events -- Best Trick tests riders on one amazing move, whereas FMX tests riders on a wide variety of tricks and styles over different ramps, with the goal of determining the best all-around FMXer. This last-minute change also meant Bink had to hit the 120-foot ramp on the FMX course for the first time ever in warm-ups just before the competition. Despite it all, he narrowly missed the FMX podium with a fourth-place finish. He went on to lay down a World’s First frontflip indian air in the FMX Best Trick event, finishing just off the podium there too. Check it out:

The setup of NWG is designed for riders like Bink, who's laser focused on innovation, to compete on their terms. “Nitro World Games allows the sport to grow with new ramps, making it possible for us to do new, bigger, and better tricks,” he says. “I’m coming in with a new, bigger, and better approach and being a lot smarter.” Clearly, those two fourth-place finishes are not enough for him. When a 22-year-old who has landed tricks that only a handful of others have landed says he’s bringing tricks that no one has seen before, it’s hard not to pay attention.
We don’t want to miss what Bink is bringing to Utah, and you don’t either. Tickets are on sale now for the Nitro World Games on June 24, also broadcast live on NBC and streaming online.