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Jacob Bailey Wants More Than Just Redemption

Jacob Bailey Wants More Than Just Redemption

Jacob Bailey should have made it to Salt Lake City for BMX Best Tricks last year. He showed that he had the ability and the desire to lay down huge tricks, but he couldn’t roll away from a frustrating 720 frontflip that ended his chances for the semis in 2016. This year was a different story. He came out and immediately stomped the trick that was giving him the trouble last year. The difference between then and now really showed his progression. He also took fifth in the qualifiers, earning him a trip to the semifinals in Salt Lake City.

Bailey called that 720 frontflip a redemption, but it seems like more than that. His confidence this year is palpable, and he looks like he came prepared to be a real contender in Utah. Perhaps it was the discipline he put in to staying fit on and off the bike. “I stay on a pretty regular training regimen, with lifting and cardio, as well as a regular riding schedule with the help of Pat Casey,” he says. “I didn’t really start doing any tricks until I met Pat.” And now he's been taking his skills on the road in BMX comps like Fise and Nass.
But Nitro World Games is a bit different than those other competitions. “NWG is big! Especially the BMX Best Tricks ramp,” he says. “I’ve ridden some big jumps, but never anything like this before.” That confidence we talked about earlier? It’s walking all over anything resembling nervousness. Bailey seems relaxed and ready to come out and attack the ramp with his friends.
“Definitely keep an eye out for TJ Ellis and Dawid Godziek in BMX Best Tricks,” he says. “They are both bringing brand-new and innovate tricks to the table that are going to be crazy.” When asked about he will be attempting in Utah, Bailey says, “I don’t really want to give anything away. Just know I’m going to send it!” We believe it.
Catch all the BMX Best Tricks action, along with the best in action sports competition at the Nitro World Games, June 24 in Salt Lake City. Or you can catch it on NBC and streaming live at NitroWorldGames.Live.