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Logan Martin Has the Winning Attitude

Logan Martin Has the Winning Attitude

Logan Martin rarely misses. The 24-year-old Australian brought his best to last year’s Nitro World Games in BMX Triple Hit, where he nailed tricks that were so fast and precise that you had to watch them in slow-motion to count the rotations. That's no exaggeration. His podium run was anchored by a quad whip that came around so fast the announcers had to see the replay to confirm that fourth whip. His rock-solid performance last year earned him second place, with only .4 points separating him from first.

This year, Martin has the same laser focus on dialing in his tricks and making sure he’s physically prepared for another shot at the podium. “I will continue putting in work leading up to this event, and hopefully I can pull something together. It’s a fun setup, so I’m really looking forward to riding it again,” he says. With four years of international competition under his belt, his concentration on hitting the bike and the gym in his off-time seems to be paying off.
But as with all competitions, the physical work is only half of the prep. Especially with the world-class lineup that’s itching to show off their biggest tricks on June 24 in Salt Lake City. “It’s literally anyone’s game on the NWG Triple setup; it all depends on the day,” Martin says. And he'll have to make it through semifinals, but with last year's experience under his belt, he'll for sure be one of the favorites to advance. He has the mental part down as well, with a great attitude about his competition, most of whom he's gone up against many times before. “Everyone is at this event because they deserve to be there, so they all have a good shot at it. As long as I'm feeling good on my bike leading up to these events, I'm happy,” he says.
No matter what happens, that’s a win for him and everyone watching in Salt Lake City. We’ll be watching Logan Martin send it on the BMX Triple Hit at the Nitro World Games, tickets on sale now.