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Rony Gomes Is a Man With a Plan

Rony Gomes Is a Man With a Plan

By Charley Daniels
Brazilian skateboarder Rony Gomes has a new plan of attack coming into the 2017 Nitro World Games. He made the finals of Skateboard Best Tricks in 2016, but he suffered from trying too much too quick, he says. "In the finals I started with my best trick and couldn't land it." He plans to work up to his best runs this year, gaining confidence with tricks that may not score as high but will ultimately be much easier for him. It will help that the athletes competing in the 2017 Nitro World Games (tickets on sale now!) have had more practice time on the big ramps leading up to the semifinals. Gomes was one of the skate semifinalists putting in time this month, which will help bolster his confidence ahead of the competition in Salt Lake City.
Gomes participated in many sports growing up, he says, with the helpful support of his father. "One day my friend showed up with a skateboard. So I asked my dad to give me one," he tells us. The rest is history. He skates vert and big air in competition, participating in X Games off and on for almost a decade, narrowly missing the podium a few times. He remembers being nervous at his very first competition. "I don't know why," he says. "I was really young, but at the end I had a lot of fun and knew that I was going to continue competing."
In preparation for NWG, he keeps his training regime pretty straightforward, logging as much big ramp time as possible and working on his roll-out tricks. "In the NWG I think I can try to innovate," he says, adding that he's planning to attempt "720s, no-hands tricks, and flip tricks" at this year's competition. The field is tougher this year, but with his competition experience and what he learned competing last year, Gomes is definitely a contender going into the year's semifinals. The Nitro World Games finals will be June 24 at Rice-Eccles Stadium in Salt Lake City, broadcast live on NBC.