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Roomet Saalik Has Traveled Far and Wide to Win Big

Roomet Saalik Has Traveled Far and Wide to Win Big

Roomet Saalik is a long way from home. The former ISA European Champion was born and raised in Tallinn, Estonia, and currently still lives near there, in a town called Turba. But now he finds himself in Southern California, about to head to Salt Lake City for the 2017 Nitro World Games semifinals in Scooter Best Tricks. His long journey started years ago on a bicycle. "I started riding BMX for two years," he says. "I saw a few kids ride a scooter and decided to try it. I really liked it, so I decided to buy a scooter. The rest is history!" At the 2017 NWG scooter qualifiers, Saalik finished fifth in a stacked field that battled tough conditions to land some huge tricks. Check it out:

In addition to his ISA European Championship win at age 15, Saalik has had a decorated career. He was named King of the Street at U.K. Scoot Fest last year and was invited directly to the ISA World Finals this year. He's always been a natural competitor. He took fourth place at his first-ever comp, he says. It was in Estonia, and he landed a backflip on his first trick, even though he'd never even tried one before. "I also won best trick that day with a backflip tuck no-hander," he says. "The level of riding in Estonia didn’t compare to the rest of the world just yet."
Despite a hectic competition schedule this summer, Saalik just tries to be focused and calm. "I just like to stay loose and have a clear head. I try not to let the pressure bother me," he says. "NWG is a really big event, but I prepare just the same. I just want to land bangers!" Despite that approach, when you ask him about the NWG scooter format, he can't help but get a little excited. "Everything is different! It is only one jump, no runs. Just three jumps and two of your tricks count," he says. "Every other competition has timed runs and I have to put together a run with a lot of different tricks. This is just the best possible tricks I can do!"
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