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Tyler Chaffin Is Fearless

Tyler Chaffin Is Fearless

This year’s Nitro World Games Scooter Best Tricks qualifiers featured a long list of riders competing for a place in the semifinals. For newcomers like Tyler Chaffin, the ramp setup can be intimidating at first. “A lot more practicing is needed for Nitro World Games than any other competition,” Chaffin says. “You have to get over the fear of a 40-plus-foot gap, plus account for the wind speeds.” He isn’t joking. The gusts during scooter qualifiers were strong enough to affect the riders' tricks, adding more pressure to an already intense competition.

But for Chaffin, the additional pressure seems to have helped rather than hindered. He rode fearlessly and didn’t give the gap a second thought when he nailed an impressive triple frontflip in the qualifier, cementing a second-place finish and a trip to the semifinals in Salt Lake City to compete against the rest of the riders who fought and won against the wind that day.
This is his third major competition, and he’s hoping that his first year at the NWG will net him a trip to the podium. As far as the tricks we’ll be seeing from him in the future, it sounds like that triple frontflip was just the beginning. “After NWG is finished," he says, "I want to talk to Nitro about a quadruple frontflip and the sizes of the ramps!”
So, yeah, it sounds like he got over the fear of that 40-foot gap pretty quick. We can’t wait to see him bring it on at the Nitro World Games, with the finals June 24 in Salt Lake City.