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Wyatt Brown Is on the Rise

Wyatt Brown Is on the Rise

Delaware dynamo Wyatt Brown is currently 20th in the International Scooter Association world rankings, and his stock is rising quickly. After taking up the sport only a few years ago, the 19-year-old Wilmington native won the first competition he ever entered. “It’s all been pretty much uphill since then,” he says. He has since rocked it in two consecutive ISA world championships and been invited to the Scooter Pro Series in Australia. Next he’ll perform on his biggest stage yet when he hits the ramp at Scooter Best Tricks at the Nitro World Games in Salt Lake City.
In action, Brown is a high-flier who likes to go huge with soaring, no-handed flips. But at 19, he’s also a relative veteran in the burgeoning world of pro scooter who approaches training with the maturity of a champion. “Preparation for competition season usually includes a healthier, protein-rich diet,” he says. “Along with stamina-building exercises around the skatepark.”
Ready for any situation, Brown was able to quickly get himself in shape for the NWG qualifiers despite the fact that he had never ridden a mega-ramp before being invited to attend. “The difference between preparing for a competition in a skatepark and NWG is huge,” he says. That's because it’s not about owning a killer run but about dialing in two massive tricks primed for one epic platform. “NWG is just a whole new experience for almost all of us scooter riders,” Brown says. “It's a whole different feeling from regular competitions. The vibes are always positive, and everybody is always rooting for each other.”
Tickets are on sale for the 2017 Nitro World Games, which will be held on June 24 in Salt Lake City, broadcast live on NBC, and streaming live at NitroWorldGames.Live.