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7 (More) Reasons to Go Watch NRX and FMX Live This Weekend

7 (More) Reasons to Go Watch NRX and FMX Live This Weekend

Those lucky fans who are going to be at the Utah Motorsports Campus to watch FMX Best Trick, FMX Quarterpipe, and Nitro Rallycross this weekend are in for a treat -- not just because they'll have front row seats to two days of nonstop action. The atmosphere on scene is going to be like a festival, with tons of food and drink (for all ages!), extra screens everywhere, and best of all, a heap of fun things to do between events, courtesy of our awesome sponsors. Check out the list below, and head over to get your tickets for this weekend right now!

Meet the Drivers and Test Drive a Volkswagen

Come check out the latest customized rides of the Volkswagen enthusiast fleet. There will be a 2018 Atlas, 2018 Golf R, 2018 Tiguan R-Line, 2019 Jetta R-Line, and 2019 Arteon and more on display. Grab a customized dog tag and register for additional premiums. Activities like the Atlas Cargo challenge, PLINKO, and a bicycle spin art activity are fun for the whole family. Make sure to check the schedule for the autograph session with Tanner Foust and Scott Speed. Plus, the Volkswagen Driving Experience will be offering test drives this weekend. Take a drive in the 2018 Atlas, 2018 Tiguan, 2018 Passat, 2019 Jetta or the 2018 GTI. You will not want to miss this on-track experience!

Become the Star of Action Figures 2 With Yokohama

For the ultimate Instagram opportunity, visit the Yokohama booth. You can sit in the real Action Figures 2 rally car with a crazy explosion in the background. They’ll animate it. You share it. Yokohama is also hosting meet and greets with the athletes. Travis Pastrana and Blake "Bilko" Williams will be hanging out with the Yokohama guys and looking forward to meeting you. Come and say hi to a couple of heroes.

The Air Force: Do You Have What It Takes?

The U.S. Air Force has created a hands-on innovative experience -- The Hangar mobile tour -- that puts visitors in the shoes of aircraft Maintainers, in which potential recruits can engage with Air Force personnel in a high-pressure, challenging atmosphere. By putting potential recruits into the environment of an Airman, it inspires them to consider the Air Force as a full-time career by educating them on the career path and seeing which recruits are naturally skilled. Designed to look like an Air Force aircraft hangar, the tour comprises two 39-foot trailers connected by a curved canopy to emulate the raised ceiling. It features six different experiences, with technologies such as LeapMotion, Kinect, HoloLens, and more.

Hyper Demo and Giveaways

Hyper will be showcasing the Nitro Circus BMX Bike at their booth. And check out the product giveaways they’re doing -- where you’ll be in with the chance to win.

The Ripley Collection

With over 30,000 exhibits, the Ripley collection represents 100 years of collecting everything from unusual art, to oddities and historical artifacts. The exhibit at the Ripley tent embraces the spirit of Nitro World Games -- with a Ripley twist, of course! Visitors can see the smallest road-legal car ever manufactured, a motorcycle made entirely of animal bones, and a car-shaped coffin from Africa.

Experience Drifting

Don’t miss your chance for the thrill of a lifetime. Ride and slide right seat with a professional drifter for only $20. Drifting rides will be 11am to 6pm both days.

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