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Twitter Reacts to the Inaugural Nitro World Games

Twitter Reacts to the Inaugural Nitro World Games

One of the reasons we're so confident the inaugural Nitro World Games will go down in history as the greatest action sports competition of all time, is the instant connection it made with the crowd and fans at home. The instant feedback we received from fans of action sports and even casual viewers who stumbled upon the coverage on NBC was a strong validation of Travis Pastrana and Mike Porra's effort to make the Nitro World Games the first truly fan-friendly action sports competition ever. And easily the best place to get instant feedback like this is Twitter.

Fans of the Nitro Circus live show are likely already aware of the crazy progression we're seeing in virtually all disciplines. When that energy was brought to competition and broadcast live on NBC, minds were blown. And the evidence was all over the Twitterverse.

We're so proud of Ryan Williams right now. It is hard not to get emotional. He blew apart BMX competition forever with a virtually uncontested run at the top podium spot and dedicated his incredible performance to scooter kids. He's an icon now in two action sports. World, meet Ryan Williams. Ryan Williams, meet the world.
Gregg Duffy made history when he threw the World's First Double Front Flip in competition. Suffice to say, Twitter noticed.

By far the best reactions are the unfiltered ones. Here are some of our favorites.
Champagne problems.