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Top 5 Photos From the BMX Best Tricks Competition

Top 5 Photos From the BMX Best Tricks Competition

The Nitro World Games took action sports competition to the next level. Nowhere was this more evident than with the BMX Best Tricks competition. The spirit of the Nitro Circus live show was on full display as the competing riders -- all Nitro Circus athletes --sent tricks never before seen in BMX competition. And incredibly, six of the eight riders threw triple backflips. Check out five of our favorite photos from the big event:

5. R-Willy Brings Revolutions To BMX

R-Willy, scooter superstar, stormed the BMX Best Tricks event with a near perfect set. And then he threw a huge 1080 frontflip, clinching him the top spot.

4. Hometown Hero

Hometown hero and member of the legendary Godfrey Clan, Gavin Godfrey did not disappoint with a massive 360 double backflip.

3. The Signature Flip

R-Willy's signature nothing front bikeflip, unheard of in BMX competitions, left many speechless, including the announcer.

2. The World First

Kurtis Downs landed a World First backflip quad tailwhip, one of the most incredible BMX tricks of all time.

1. The Icon

The moment R-Willy became an icon in scooter and BMX, he throws down an equally iconic photo. In Salt Lake City, R-Willy proved there's more than one route to becoming a BMX champion.