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Athlete Registration Begins in Salt Lake City

Athlete Registration Begins in Salt Lake City

SALT LAKE CITY - We're practically counting down to the 2017 Nitro World Games in hours now, as athlete registration opened today at Rice-Eccles Stadium in Salt Lake City. The semifinals are set for Friday and the main event will be Saturday, June 24, with all the info on how to watch available now at NitroWorldGames.Live. To keep it simple: Don't make plans for Saturday night.
It was all business today on the stadium floor as dozens of workers set up for the biggest night in action sports. The ramps and landers are structurally there, with expert crews putting on the finishing touches in time for practice to start tomorrow. Producers for the TV broadcast met up on the sixth-floor media level of Rice-Eccles and began laying the groundwork for the complex three-hour NBC broadcast. If you're under the delusion that live TV is easy to produce, listening in on one of these meetings for a few seconds will set you straight. The crews outside and the crews inside all have their work cut out for them over the next few days.

Nitro World Games at Rice-Eccles Stadium

A few athletes have started trickling in. We saw Brazilian FMX legend Fred Kyrillos and heard that Davide Rossi and Leo Fini have also checked in early. Most athletes will arrive tomorrow, but these three have a couple things in common; they're all competing in FMX, and they've all traveled far to be here: Kyrillos is from Brazil and Rossi and Fini are both from Italy.
There's a lot going on, so you will be forgiven if you're not quite sure where to focus your attention this weekend. We have some suggestions, though. One story line that we're going to be watching is the athletes who will be competing in multiple events. Last year, Josh Sheehan got second place in Freestyle Motocross and third place in FMX Best Trick -- the only athlete to make the podium in two events. This year, Sheehan is again competing in both FMX events, as is Pat Bowden, who took second in FMX Best Trick in 2016, and Harry Bink, who also competed in both events last year, just missing the podium in both with two fourth-place finishes. Those three are all contenders to take home two trophies this weekend.

On the BMX side, Andy Buckworth, Dawid Godziek, Brandon Loupos, and Colton Satterfield are all set to compete in Triple Hit and Best Tricks. Of those four, only Godziek had to compete in qualifiers for both -- the rest were prequalified for at least one of the two events.
And last but certainly not least, Ryan Williams is the only athlete who's competing in two events in two disciplines -- he'll be riding in the semifinals for Scooter Best Tricks, and as the winner of the 2016 BMX Best Tricks event, he was invited directly to the finals to defend his title.
The action is just ramping up here in SLC for the 2017 Nitro World Games, so keep an eye on all our platforms this week as we lead up to the finals on Saturday, June 24, which will be broadcast on NBC and streamed at NitroWorldGames.Live.