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Dylan Morrison Wins King of Park at ScootFest

By Jake Hershey

The final event of the 2018 King of Kings competition was King of Park. This event ran a bit different than the first two. They had seven heats of three or four riders running in a soul jam format. Soul jam is a one-at-a-time format, but if a rider falls, they must exit the course and wait for their turn to come back around. This ensures a lot of flow and high energy in the competition. Watch the entire event right here, then keep reading for more analysis and highlights:

Only the top 5 riders from the qualifying heats were chosen to compete in a final 10-minute soul jam with a chance for one final banger after the clock ran out. The top 5 consisted of Dylan Morrison, Roomet Saalik, Cody Flom, Leo Spencer, and Jordan Clark. What a lineup!

Man, the finals were absolutely insane. Roomet really stood out to me. He was throwing down some really crazy 720 combos and even a few 1080s! He tried a World First for his final trick, a 360 backflip drop-in. My jaw nearly hit the floor, but unfortunately, he over-rotated by centimeters and ended up faceplanting pretty hard. But his runs were good enough for a second-place finish! Jordan rounded out the field.

I would have to say the highlight trick of the day was Dylan’s massive, ceiling-high, 540 flair barspin. It is such a hard trick to perform, let alone doing it as high as he did. Dylan had some other crazy tricks as well, and in the end he earned his first-place finish. Check out the highlights from him right here: