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BMX Best Tricks

BMX Best Tricks

Each athlete gets five runs on the Giganta ramp, with the victory going to the athlete with the highest overall score.

The Event

Each athlete will get five attempts to execute the 3 best tricks of their choice with a maximum score of 10 per trick. Judges will score tricks based on the execution, which will be multiplied by the panel’s pre-agreed degree of difficulty for that trick.

Expect non-stop high-flying action as athletes will be able to hit the NWG standard kicker or an even larger kicker a total of five times. The athlete who receives the highest cumulative score across all three tricks will be the winner.


Based on the design of ramp setups currently being used to execute the triple backflip, the NWG has designed the second, larger ramp for BMX Best Tricks—to accompany the "standard" ramp—which will allow for world first tricks right across the board. However, even the idea of "standard" here is all relative because this standard ramp is already substantially larger than the BMX ramps used in other competitions.