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BMX Triple Hit

BMX Triple Hit

Athletes must execute three tricks in quick succession on the notorious Triganta ramp.

The Event

Each athlete will get 2 attempts to execute the 3 best tricks of their choice on the Triganta ramp setup. Judges will score tricks out of 10 based on the overall impression of the trick, which is defined as degree of difficulty, extension, length of hold, landing spot (low/mid/top of ramp), landing execution (straight/both wheels), and height.

The judging panel will not compare tricks but rather score each trick on the merits of its own execution. Winners will be determined by an average for the entire two runs.


This one-of-a-kind ramp setup includes 3 separate takeoffs and landings, arranged one after another, allowing the athletes to perform 3 different tricks in quick succession. These ramps will also be higher and steeper than other BMX ramps previously used in competition, but with the improved safety design, athletes will be able to focus on progression without the risk of landing to dirt.