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FMX Quarterpipe

FMX Quarterpipe

Nearly double the size of anything else out there, this groundbreaking contest will leave you speechless, as you witness the world’s best FMX athletes breaking new heights. Watch live on the Nitro World Games Facebook page - September 23 at 7pm ET.

The Event

The all new FMX Quarterpipe event features a one-of-a-kind mechanical ramp that allows the degree of takeoff and landing to be adjusted. Standing 32 feet tall and 70 feet wide, this setup allows riders to shoot for the stars. Riders slated to compete: Colby Raha, Jarryd McNeil, Axell Hodges, Elijah Aldoff, Corey Creed, and Kohl Denney.


Eight riders will have two attempts to clear the baseline starting height. The height will be increased after each round, and the rider who is able to clear the highest mark will become champion. Watch it live on the Nitro World Games Facebook page on Sept. 23 at 4pm PT / 7pm ET.