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Scooter Best Tricks

Scooter Best Tricks

Competing to become Scooter Champion, each athlete gets three attempts to hit the big ramp and land their best tricks.

The Event

Each athlete will get three attempts to execute the two best tricks of their choice with a maximum score of 10 per trick. A rider may choose to attempt the same trick in up to two of three attempts, but they must all execute at least two different tricks to complete their score.

Judges will score each trick out of 10 based solely on overall impression, which is defined as degree of difficulty, extension, length of hold, landing spot (low/mid/top of ramp), landing execution (straight/both wheels), and height. Judges will not compare tricks, but rather score each trick on the merits of its own execution. Only the highest two scores will be counted for each athlete, with highest cumulative score out of 20 deciding the winner of the event.


In the Scooter Best Tricks Event, athletes will choose to hit either a 40-foot or 50-foot jump—measuring from the takeoff of the ramp to the “sweet spot” of the landing—to perform their best tricks.

All of the ramp systems for Nitro World Games have been in research and development for over five years by Nitro Circus in consultation with athletes and industry leaders, the first collaborative effort of its kind in action sports competition.