2019 FMX Best Trick Highlights

By Charley Daniels | Aug. 23, 2019

Pat Bowden was crowned champion of Nitro World Games FMX Best Trick for the second straight year, and Josh Sheehan repeated as runner-up in a rivalry that’s going to keep us on the edge of our seats until another rider is able to unseat them. This year at Utah Motorsports Campus, that rider was almost Davi Johnson, whose competition first FMX decade landed him on the podium for the first time. Click here to watch the full broadcast, and read on for more details on FMX Best Trick 2019 at Nitro World Games Utah.


Bowden’s stunning Christ air frontflip was practically a reverse of his winning trick last year: a look back Christ air backflip. The degree of difficulty was amped up from last year, and his style and execution was on point to take home the win. Sheehan was the only athlete to attempt a double backflip, and he threw in a different variation on each of his two attempts. A double backflip no-hander sealed second for him.

Elsewhere in the field, Beau Bamburg and Adam Jones exhibited their signature incredible extension and form, but neither could quite put together enough points for a podium spot. Likewise for Blake Williams and William Van Den Putte. Gregg Duffy, who won the inaugural Nitro World Games FMX Best Trick event with a World First (and still only) double frontflip. Duffy came out blazing with a heelclicker frontflip on his first run and stomped it to get points on the board. He then took a second run to attempt a trick that was the crowd-pleaser even though he didn’t quite land it. You just have to see this one:


You can watch full broadcasts of all the events from Nitro World Games Utah 2019 by clicking right here.

You’ll also find the full broadcasts on YouTube right here.

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