2019 Moto Quarterpipe Highlights

By Charley Daniels | Aug. 23, 2019

In its second year at Nitro World Games, the massive 35-foot setup for Moto Quarterpipe stole the show, with Corey Creed taking home the top prize and setting a new height record at 45 feet, 7 inches. Colby Raha, last year’s inaugural champion, kept it a close competition every round, and his performance was good for second this year. Tyler Bereman rounded out the Top 3. Check out the full broadcast of Moto Quarterpipe from Nitro World Games Utah 2019 by clicking right here. You can also watch the highlights and read more below:


Creed, Raha, and Bereman finished in that order at X Games Minneapolis a few weeks before coming out to Utah, so all eyes were on them from the moment practice began a few days before the competition. Anyone who watched practice could see that Creed and Raha were clearly in top form this year — in particular Creed, who came off a third-place finish in this event last year and has obviously put in the work to raise his game. Kohl Denney and Jarryd McNeil put on a good show, and all five competitors deserve credit for even entering this event.

The riders are getting more and more comfortable on this game-changing setup, and we’re starting to see some tricks thrown into the mix, so we can’t wait to see how this event evolves.

You can watch full broadcasts of all the events from Nitro World Games Utah 2019 by clicking right here.

You’ll also find the full broadcasts on YouTube right here.

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