FMX Best Trick: What You Need to Know

By Charley Daniels | Aug. 8, 2019

In 2016, Gregg Duffy made history by landing the World First FMX double frontflip to cap off the inaugural Nitro World Games. Since then, FMX Best Trick has come to represent everything the Nitro World Games is built on.

What Is FMX Best Trick?

A fan-favorite event since the beginning, this competition format emphasizes progressing the sport and technical fundamentals. Essentially what that means is, to take home a trophy, your best bet is to land a trick no one else has ever landed, and to do it as flawlessly as possible. Each rider gets two attempts to land the biggest, most innovative trick, and so far every winner has left the audience, commentators, and judges amazed at what they just saw. If you’re a fan of video game tricks in real life, this is the event for you.

Athletes to Watch This Year

The 2019 field set for Nitro World Games Utah comprises every podium finisher from the first three years, plus a handful of other brave FMX pros, any one of which could stand at the top of the podium when the dust settles on Aug. 17.

It truly is anyone’s contest, but if you had to pick, the man to beat this year is returning champion Pat Bowden, the only rider who’s made the podium every year so far, including winning it last year. Then there’s Josh Sheehan, the only other competitor who’s had multiple podium finishes in this event. He has yet to take home the top prize, but Sheehan is coming off of two X Games medals in Minneapolis this month, so he’ll be taking that momentum into a contest that he’s already come so close to winning in previous years.

Gregg Duffy and 2017 winner Harry Bink will also be in the mix. These are two riders who always push the envelope in this contest, attempting high-risk, high-reward tricks with such an astronomical degree of difficulty that they’re always contesting for the podium. Bink took home his win in this event with a World First rock solid frontflip in 2017. He crashed both of his official attempts in 2018 while trying for a World First lazy boy frontflip. He then got back up and landed it on his third try, but unfortunately it didn’t count.

Adam Jones made the podium in 2018 — his first year competing in FMX Best Trick. He’s a veteran FMX legend with so much experience riding big ramps that it would be foolish to bet against him making the Top 3 again this year. William Van Den Putte, who got second in 2017, is also a serious contender in this event.

See What It’s All About

Click here for more info on Nitro World Games Utah, including the current list of riders set to compete and ticketing info. But first, watch the full 2018 FMX Best Trick broadcast right here:

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