7 Videos to Get You Hyped for FMX Best Trick

By Charley Daniels | Sept. 7, 2018

Nitro World Games is headed back to Utah this month with three events (two of which are brand-new in 2018). Nitro Rallycross, FMX Quarterpipe, and FMX Best Trick will go down Sept. 22-23 at the Utah Motorsports Campus outside of Salt Lake City, with ample opportunities for fans to watch in person and via broadcast. Tickets and info are available at NitroWorldGames.com.

FMX Best Trick has been a cornerstone of Nitro World Games since it started. It’s a high-risk, high-reward competition where landing a World First doesn’t even guarantee you a podium spot. The ramps and lander are some of the biggest ever hit, and the brave few who are willing to try have landed tricks that were previously considered impossible — or not worth the risk. In 2016 Gregg Duffy took home the top prize by landing the first-ever double frontflip. In 2017, Harry Bink won by landing the World First rock solid frontflip.

Check out both of those, plus a ton of other highlights from the last two years of the biggest, scariest, most innovative FMX contest right here:

What will they land this year? Find out on Sept. 23! Head to NitroWorldGames.com for info and tickets to the next events.