Travis Pastrana: 'Rallycross Is Motocross With a Roll Cage'

By Charley Daniels | Oct. 5, 2018

The Nitro World Games first-ever rallycross event is in the books, but we love stuff like this. Here’s Travis Pastrana’s POV as he does a lap of the first-ever Nitro Rallycross track, talking us through the features as he hits them.


Nitro World Games Coming to Wales in 2020

Nitro World Games is coming to Wales in 2020 in what will be the UK’s largest-ever action sports stadium event.
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Nitro World Games Returns to Utah in 2019

FMX Best Trick, Moto Quarterpipe, and Nitro Rallycross are headed back to Utah Motorsports Campus Aug. 16-17 as part the 2019 Nitro World Games.
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Extended 2018 Highlights – All Events

In its third year, the Nitro World Games took on a life of its own by adding three scooter events, three skate events, Nitro Rallycross, FMX Quarterpipe, and BMX Park, with Scooter Best Trick and FMX Best Trick returning.
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