Kody Tamanaha Wins Unlocked - Women's Skate Park

By Charley Daniels

We have a Nitro World Games: Unlocked champion in Women’s Skateboard Park: Kody Tamanaha faced a tough group of up-and-coming athletes and emerged victorious. Spencer Breaux, Bella Kenworthy, Sierra Kerr, and Isadora Pacheco all showed they’re going places during the competition, but it was Kody’s day. She joins Liam Pace, who won the Men’s Skateboard Park Unlocked title. Both are headed to the 2018 Nitro World Games to compete against the best in the sport.

Unlocked is a competition series airing on Facebook that will allow up-and-comers the chance to compete against seasoned veterans on the global stage of Nitro World Games 2018. The first three episodes focused on Men’s Skateboard Park. Follow the series on Facebook right here to be notified when the next episode debuts.

In the first Women’s Skateboard Park episode, the athletes arrived at CA | TF and got their first taste of the amazing park they’d be riding during the competition:

Legendary skateboarders Mimi Knoop and Vanessa Torres stopped by for some face-to-face mentoring with the competitors in the next episode:

And finally, the contenders showed what they’ve got in an awesome jam session to determine the winner:

Click here for the previous Nitro World Games: Unlocked competition and head to the Nitro World Games Facebook page to stay up to date on all the action.


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