Liam Pace Wins Unlocked - Men's Skate Park

By Charley Daniels

The winner of the first Nitro World Games: Unlocked is skateboarder Liam Pace. He’ll be among the competitors at the 2018 Nitro World Games Men’s Skateboard Park competition, which is going down in Vista, California, Aug. 10-11. He faced off against a tough set of athletes in Will Cortez, Evan Doherty, Taylor Nye, and Toby Ryan, each of which could have won this competition on any given day. Unlocked is a competition series airing on Facebook that will allow up-and-comers the chance to compete against seasoned veterans on the global stage of Nitro World Games 2018. The first three episodes focused on Men’s Skateboard Park. Follow the series on Facebook right here to be notified when the next episode debuts.

In the first episode, we met all the athletes and got a look at the CA | TF skatepark where the competition went down:

In the second episode, the competitors got one-on-one time with skate legend Bucky Lasek and got a briefing on what the judges will be looking for from another skate legend, Lincoln Ueda.

And in the third episode, it was time to jam. The riders got a chance to show what they have and make a case to be crowned champion: