Pat Bowden Wins 2018 FMX Best Trick

By Charley Daniels | Sept. 23, 2018

Pat Bowden landed an enormous look back Christ air backflip to take home the title at the Nitro World Games 2018 FMX Best Trick competition. Josh Sheehan took second and Adam Jones finished in third place. Check out the highlights right here (and scroll down to watch the entire event from start to finish):

Sheehan’s first attempt at a double backflip KOD ended in near disaster when he slipped off the back of his bike on impact and his back tire shredded his jersey. He grabbed a new shirt, came back around and nailed the trick, bringing the house down in the process. Jones landed a picture perfect Cliffhanger Backflip to earn his podium spot. But at the end of the day, the judges went with Bowden’s insane amplitude and drawn out extension, which he held for what seemed like forever.

In a standout moment of the competition, 2017 champion Harry Bink missed on both of his official attempts at a Lazy Boy Frontflip, but he went for a third unofficial run and stomped it. The crowd went crazy and Harry himself was pumped, despite being disappointed that this landmark trick didn’t officially count.

Watch the entire event right here: