Scooter Best Trick 2018 Is About to Go Off

By Jake Hershey | Nov. 28, 2018

Well, my bags are packed and my passport is valid — we are heading to France, people! More specifically, we’re going to Paris, a city to which I have never been. Luckily I’ll be alongside my French-Canadian co-commentator, Cody LaCroix, who can find out where the bathroom is and order my McDonald’s for me.

This weekend’s competition is the Nitro World Games Scooter Best Trick event. The semifinal live stream will begin at 11 a.m. Paris time and can be viewed at this link: SEMIFINAL LIVESTREAM. The final will begin at 2:30 p.m. Paris time, and can be viewed at this link: FINAL LIVESTREAM. If you happen to be in Paris and want to watch in person (which is by far the best way to see this enormous competition), all you have to do is get a ticket for one of the Nitro Circus Paris shows. Your ticket to either show also grants you entrance to the Nitro World Games Scooter Best Trick event. Check out Travis Pastrana’s take on this event, and then read on for an analysis of the competition.


Many of the competitors have been practicing on the European Tour whenever they can. I saw a lot of content on Instagram from Dante Hutchinson, Dylan Morrison, and Richard Zelinka. When I asked Richard what he was most excited for this weekend, he told me: throwing down cash roll combos, landing his dream trick, and finally riding the Nitro ramp.

The last two years we saw so many World First tricks, particularly last year, where the bigger field meant an even stiffer competition. This year will be no different. There are a lot of new competitors in this year’s Scooter Best Trick, including Soly Bloomfield and Jeremy Merrin. Soly stomped a 720 double backflip while practicing for the event. I believe the trick is also known as an Aussie Roll, a trick that Travis Pastrana performed beautifully in Action Figures 2. I caught a glimpse of Jeremy doing a massive cork 1080, going completely off axis. Will he throw in another spin to it? Gotta watch to find out!

I really love what Nitro World Games allows us to do. The massive ramp with resi landing creates the perfect stage for progression. Riders are now able to attempt tricks that previously could be found only in the midst of their dreams. Yes, they are sending tricks to a resi landing, but this doesn’t make it any easier, and it surely doesn’t remove the risk of getting badly hurt. It’s a slightly softer landing, which helps reduce the risk of catastrophic injury, but we’ve seen riders take home some pretty gnarly injuries from wrecking on this lander.

Risk is a huge factor for these athletes. They are putting it all on the line, not only for a cash money prize but for the most prestigious title in scootering. Ryan Williams took home first place in BMX and Scooter at last year’s Nitro World Games. He is your defending champion and has a ton of tricks in his bag. Not to mention he hasn’t taken his hands off his scooter since X Games Sydney. Willy is going to be tough to beat, but judging by the tricks I’ve been seeing, it really is anyone’s game this year. So tune in and join us Dec. 1 on Facebook Live. Click here for more info!

About the writer:
My name is Jake Hershey, known in social media land as Nekbeard. I was born in ’91 and started scootering in ’02! I was born and raised in New Jersey, but made my way to the West Coast in 2014. I now live in sunny San Diego where you can catch me at Linda Vista skatepark almost daily. Scootering is a passion for me, so I hope that you like what I have to write!