ScootFest, Nitro World Games, and the Scooter Revolution

By Jake Hershey | Nov. 19, 2018

You can watch the full broadcasts of all three ScootFest events!
Watch here: King of Street | King of Bowl | King of Park

It’s so hard for me to put into words just how amazing this ScootFest was for scootering. As a longtime scooter rider, and having attended multiple ScootFests over the years, I can say this was the best one by far. The collaboration with Nitro World Games was the icing on the cake. Nitro Circus’ knowledge of action sports and production expertise made ScootFest run so smoothly and really pushed the riders to the next level.

Nitro World Games partnering with ScootFest created a whole new desire for spectators and riders to turn out to the event. When we arrived on scene, the line stretched from out of the building, around the corner, and beyond. This was a couple of hours before the doors opened. The youth being so engaged in these events was really a sight to see.

Competition is always a place for progression. Whether it be a video contest, park contest, street jam, it doesn’t matter — riders are always pushing each other. Progression was really the name of the game for ScootFest, and is the sole reason Nitro World Games even exists. The three top names that stood out to me in terms of progression are all three kings: Auguste Pellaud (King of Street), Richard Zelinka (King of Bowl), and Dylan Morrison (King of Park).


Auguste Pellaud from France is an extremely technical rider and has some of the most insane combos but can also make some of the most simple tricks look absolutely beautiful. For this reason, Auguste was crowned King of Street. Richard Zelinka truly proved himself this weekend, taking home King of Bowl for the third time and King of Kings for the second time in a row. Richard moves fast with such grace and style, hitting some of the most gnarly obstacles in street, park, and bowl especially. Dylan Morrison should be nicknamed “Mr. Amplitude” after this one. I don’t think anyone was going as high as he was in the bowl or on the park course. That mixed with 540 flairs and all sorts of flair combos crowned him King of Park, and his team the winners of the World Cup!

All three Nitro World Games competitions were a great success and pushed scootering to the next level. This really leaves us on a good note to head to Paris in a couple of weeks for Nitro World Games Scooter Best Trick, which will stream live on Facebook on Dec. 1. This will be the third year for this event, and the first two were absurdly progressive. Nobody was doing triple backflips back then, and now we see guys throwing tricks within the triple flips.

I am really looking forward to seeing Ryan Williams take on the big tricks competition. Last year he won Scooter Best Trick as well as BMX Best Trick. R-Willy also just took home a gold medal at X Games Sydney for BMX Big Air. When I spoke to him over the weekend, he said, “I had only been riding my BMX bike leading up to X Games, so I would feel as comfortable as possible. But now that X Games is over, I have been riding my scooters in shows a lot more, so I’m ready!” I cannot wait to see what sort of tricks he has up his sleeve.

Other riders I’ll be eager to see ride in Paris on Dec. 1: Roomet Saalik, Jordan Clark, and Will Barlow.

About the writer:
My name is Jake Hershey, known in social media land as Nekbeard. I was born in ’91 and started scootering in ’02! I was born and raised in New Jersey, but made my way to the West Coast in 2014. I now live in sunny San Diego where you can catch me at Linda Vista skatepark almost daily. Scootering is a passion for me, so I hope that you like what I have to write!