The Finalists Are Set for the First-Ever Nitro World Games

By Charley Daniels | July 13, 2016

The field is set for the inaugural Nitro World Games, with finalists in FMX, BMX Best Tricks, BMX Triple Hit, and Skateboard Best Tricks qualifying through a semifinal competition today. The athletes competing in the other events were previously announced, and a complete list is below. The finals for the Nitro World Games will take place Saturday, July 16, and will be broadcast live on NBC at 8 ET, 7 CT, 7 MT, and 8 PT. They’ll be streaming live for the rest of the world at NitroWorldGames.Live.

In FMX, Levi Sherwood put on a great showing, with additional standout performances from Taka Higashino, Javier Villegas, Rob Adelberg, Adam Jones, and Libor Podmol. Harry Bink landed an insane frontflip no-hander to cap his run, and despite a slow start Josh Sheehan came back to qualify with a solid showing during the second half of his run.

In BMX Best Tricks, the guys came to throw down, and if you didn’t know any better you’d think you were watching the finals already. Ryan Williams, who’s one of the only athletes competing in two disciplines (he’ll be in Scooter Best Tricks too), took a commanding lead early in Heat 2 with a couple huge tricks, including his famous nothing front bikeflip. Brandon Schmidt, Kurtis Downs, Andy Buckworth, Jaie Toohey, Colton Satterfield, and James Foster all earned their spots landing huge tricks, with no one holding back through the end. Gavin Godfrey also landed a spot in the finals, especially noteworthy as he isn’t primarily a BMX rider.

In BMX Triple Hit, which looks to be a dark horse contender for one of the craziest and hard fought events at the Games, Brandon Loupos showed he came to compete. Nick Bruce, Colton Satterfield, Logan Martin, Colton Walker, and Daniel Sandoval made it a tight race for the eight qualifying slots, with Alex Coleborn and Pat Casey nipping at their heels. It’s clear this is going to be a close competition for the three podium spots.

The Skate Best Tricks semifinal got off to a slow start, with athletes having to bail on big attempts. But it was just a sign that they came to send it, and once they dialed it in, the huge tricks were flying. The eight finalists are Elliot Sloan, Trey Wood, Italo Penarrubia, Mitchie Brusco, Rony Gomes, Beaver Fleming, Evan Doherty, and Clay Kreiner.

Here’s a complete list of finalists for all seven events:

FMX Best Trick Finalists:

Harry Bink
Pat Bowden
Gregg Duffy
Taka Higashino
Marc Pinyol
Josh Sheehan
Jackson Strong
William Van den Putte

FMX Finalists:

Levi Sherwood
Taka Higashino
Adam Jones
Javier Villegas
Rob Adelberg
Josh Sheehan
Harry Bink
Libor Podmol

BMX Best Tricks Finalists:

Ryan Williams
Brandon Schmidt
Kurtis Downs
Andy Buckworth
Jaie Toohey
Gavin Godfrey
Colton Satterfield
James Foster

BMX Triple Hit Finalists:

Brandon Loupos
Nick Bruce
Logan Martin
Colton Satterfield
Colton Walker
Daniel Sandoval
Alex Coleborn
Pat Casey

Skateboard Best Tricks Finalists:

Elliot Sloan
Trey Wood
Italo Penarrubia
Mitchie Brusco
Rony Gomes
Beaver Fleming
Evan Doherty
Clay Kreiner

Inline Best Tricks Finalists:

Roman Abrate
Chris Haffey
Dave Lang
Wake Schepman
CJ Wellsmore

Scooter Best Tricks Finalists:

Jordan Clark
Capron Funk
Corey Funk
Dakota Schuetz
Ryan Williams