Things You Need to Know About the Nitro World Games

By Charley Daniels | June 6, 2017

We’re about a week out from the 2017 Nitro World Games, which will go down June 24 in Salt Lake City, and we’re obviously pretty pumped about it. We know a lot of you are too. Today we want to talk to those of you who are on the fence, unsure what the NWG is all about, or who are just looking to soak up as many details as possible ahead of the event so you can enjoy it that much more.

June 24 will be the main event, with eight finalists competing in each of six events: FMX Best Trick, Freestyle Motocross, BMX Best Tricks, BMX Triple Hit, Skate Best Tricks, and Scooter Best Tricks. The 2017 Nitro World Games will be televised on NBC and streamed live online at NitroWorldGames.Live. As of today, the six winners from last year have advanced to the finals. The rest of the field must compete in the semifinals on June 23 to earn a place at the big dance.

We’ll be in Salt Lake City all week leading up to the event, covering it from all angles. There’s even a Nitro World World Games Fantasy League with awesome prizes! We have no doubt this competition is going to blow you away. Last year, the athletes went off. Check out the highlights to get you in the mood, and then read on below to find more about what makes the Nitro World Games different from other competitions:

This Year Is Going to Be Enormous

That video shows you what happened last year, where the best athletes in the world stuck dozens of competition-first tricks, as well as several World’s Firsts, over the course of three hours. To us, progression encompasses more than just foundational tricks no one has ever done before — though those are a huge and important part of it. But this is also about technical proficiency and creative innovation, and to foster all of this, the Nitro World Games has bigger ramp setups and novel formats that reward progression. So why is this year going to be even bigger? Because the bar was set very high in 2016. A few competitors from last year have mentioned that they misjudged how big they needed to go to make the finals, let alone the podium. Tricks are scored based on level of difficulty as well as execution, so you can land a technically perfect straight backflip, but that’s not going to cut it. Now that the athletes are more aware of the level of riding, this year is bound to be bigger and crazier than ever.

This Is Not Nitro Circus

Nitro Circus Live is an amazing show, full of the biggest tricks and the best athletes. If Nitro Circus is near you, you should definitely go see it. But Nitro World Games is very different in a couple key ways. First, it’s a true competition, obviously, with judging and scoring and winners. There’s prize money on the line, but more importantly, the NWG seeks to crown the world’s greatest athletes in FMX, BMX, skate, and scooter. The field is not pre-selected — every athlete earns his spot in the competition by either winning last year or qualifying. True, many of the athletes are Nitro athletes, but that’s because Nitro Circus brings in the best riders in the world for shows, so it’s only natural that many of them end up qualifying for the NWG. But many of the competitors are not Nitro athletes. Lastly, Nitro Circus Live is a show. It’s designed to be huge. The athletes practice the runs, and it’s a lot more planned out than you might realize. This is a good thing. It ensures a consistently amazing and fast-paced experience. But at Nitro World Games, anything and everything can happen, as the athletes are scored in real-time and know where they stand before they drop. Trick selection is a huge factor, and it evolves depending on what’s happening. That’s exciting in a completely different way. None of us knows what to expect, except that it’s going to be enormous and you don’t want to miss a minute of it.

You Have More Ways to Watch in 2017

In its inaugural year, the Nitro World Games reached millions of people around the world. This year we’re looking to bring the action to even more of you with a live broadcast on NBC on June 24 (8 ET / 7 CT 8 PT) as well as a global livestream available right here on NitroWorldGames.Live. Or watch it on NBC on your TV and follow along while we live-tweet the action from the Nitro Twitter account. We’ll also be live on Facebook and capturing the action on Instagram during the lead-up, so follow us there so you don’t miss any of it.

But You Can’t Top Being There

Look, it’s always nice to be in the comfort of your living room, watching your giant TV. But when it comes to certain events, the televised experience doesn’t hold a candle to physically being there. When you’re at an NHL hockey game in person, you get a truer sense of the unbelievable speed. When you see an MLB player hit a dinger into the upper deck, the scale of the shot is amplified when you’re in the stadium to visually measure it. When you’re in the front row of a concert and the bass is throbbing in your bones, you might consider giving up MP3s altogether. You see where we’re going with this.

When you watch the World’s First double frontflip on a motorcycle in person, you get to see the speed of the approach, the pitch of the kicker, the height of the jump needed to get 200 pounds of dirtbike around twice, and you really understand why this trick has never been done before. Yes, it’s amazing no matter what, but it’s just stunning in person. Plus you get to be in the building when history is made. What kind of World’s Firsts will go down this year? There’s still time for you to be there in person to find out. Tickets are still available here!

The 2017 Nitro World Games are June 24. Get tickets here. Watch it live online here at 8 pm ET / 5 pm PT. Watch it on NBC at 8 pm ET / 7 pm CT / 8 pm PT.