VIDEO: 2017 BMX and Scooter World's Firsts

By Charley Daniels | July 6, 2017

It’s interesting to put BMX and scootering side by side in the context of World’s Firsts. BMX is the old guard, a classic action sport that helped define what action sports even are. Scooter is the new kid on the block, meaning the possibilities are still an unknown for this sport, particularly when it comes to big air contests. When it comes down to it, all these athletes have worked super hard to stick tricks that in the case of BMX used to be possible only in video games, and in the case of Scooter are going to define what the video game will look like. So sit back and enjoy a selection of World’s Firsts from this year’s competition.

Jacob Bailey: BMX Cork 1080 X-Up

Cody Flom: Scooter Frontflip No-Hander Front Briflip (Inward) Double Tailwhip

Capron Funk: Scooter Backflip Triple Inward

Chris Farris: Scooter Double Backflip Barspin Tailwhip No-Hander

Nolan Shoemaker: Scooter Double Frontflip Bartwist