Videos: 2017 FMX and Skate World's Firsts

By Charley Daniels | July 6, 2017

Because Nitro World Games is about pushing progression in FMX, BMX, skate, and scooter, the competition tends to produce firsts. Some are tricks that have never been landed before. Others are tricks that have never been landed in competition. The latter group, which includes Beaver Fleming and the frontside cork 720 Christ air (aka the Tennessee Tornado, video below), might not sound as impressive as true, pure World’s First. But landing a trick that’s never been landed in competition is a huge deal, because theres’s a world of difference between sticking something huge in the relative relaxation of practice or performance and landing it under the duress of competition. The pressure can get to even the calmest athletes. Check out a selection of singular FMX and Skate tricks from this year’s Nitro World Games, then click through below to see the BMX and Scooter World’s Firsts.

Harry Bink: FMX Rock Solid Frontflip

Pat Bowden: FMX One-Handed Indy to Rock Solid Double Grab Hart Attack Backflip

Brodie Carmichael: FMX Superman Seatgrab Frontflip

Josh Sheehan: FMX Heelclicker Double Backflip

Beaver Fleming: Tennessee Tornado